August 19, 2010


日本語での案内は コチラ!


Japan Dream Kenjn Photo Contest 

Take three snapshots in Japan Dream Kenjn and enter the contest. The rules and the guidelines are as follows:

1. Sign up for KOINUP to create an account (not applicable to those who are already members of KOINUP).
2. Join the group “Japan Dream Kenjin Photo Contest” on the website of KOINUP.
3. Take three snapshots in Japan Dream Kenjin. Subjects can be anything, with post-processing allowed. No restrictions on the size and theme of each snapshot. 
4. Specify your avatar name in “Description” when uploading snapshots to KOINUP; tag them with “dreamkenjincontest.”
5. Do not delete the snapshots uploaded until the contest is over.
6. Anyone can rez objects in Japan Dream Kenjin to spice up his/her snapshots, but do not forget to take them after shooting. 
7. All the snapshots uploaded for the contest may be used for the promotion of Japan Dream Kenjin.
8. Your entering the contest will be considered as your acceptance of the rules mentioned above. 

Submission period: September 01-21, 2010
Announcement of the winners: September 25 (winners will be announced on the official blog of Japan Dream Kenjinand in a special booth to be set up in the Japan Dream Kenjin SIM)
Prize: L$10,000 for the first place winner, L$5,000 for the second place winner and L$2,500 each for the third place winners (3), plus a package of assorted prizes for all the winners. 


Exhibition space of Prize

Judges: bark Aabye, clubkenjin Loon (the owner of Japan Dream Kenjin), nekonuko Nakamori, Ramona Forcella, Rituko Mode and Shoji Kumaki

<Flowchart until applying>
  ※Please register to KoinUp by record URL

Please see the image

●Upload of entries screen


 Please access the above mentioned

●It applies for the contest your production


*Please describe clearly as 「dreamkenjincontest」 in the column of ADD Tags.

*Please describe clearly your SL avatar name in the Description column.

※Please note these two points enough

I am looking forward to the application of everybody!

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